change your mintset

a new mintset

MINT wants to bring this new MINTSET to more and more companies, for the benefit of more and more people. In this way, digital ADV becomes the centre of a virtuous circle capable of reducing 'real cost' to create 'real value'.


With MINT algorithms, companies gain in efficiency. The system analyses all data for each campaign, optimising investments and media configurations in real time to achieve a more efficient performance and reduce CPX by up to 40%.


enhance your human capital

With MINT automation, there's no more wasted human resources. It reduces the time spent on operational or repetitive activities such as the process of brief response, planning setting and trafficking of a campaign by up to 35%.

discover more on the mintdreamers program

our commitment: reinvest in dreamers

MINT has decided to enshrine its commitment to social causes in its company charter. Because at MINT we think that to improve society we need to spread culture and individual responsibility. Society will improve if individuals improve. And that is why we conceived the MINTDREAMER program.

PROPOSE worthy people

Our clients and our employees can propose people that they believe to be worthy and trustable. Eligible individuals are those that want to realize a dream. The most important characteristic is that the dream has a positive impact on people and/or environment. As we say: “Investing in the good of one will blossom into the good for everyone”.

select worthy dreamers

A Company Committee evaluates each dreamer and if her/his story is consistent with our values and goals, the single person and his/her story is posted on the Company website and on all partner websites.

Vote your preferred dreamer

The stories of MINTDREAMERS are visible on our Company website; clients and employees can vote for them.

Nominate the most voted dreamer

The most voted dreamer is the one that MINT will help. An announcement is done on the Company website. Updates on the story are provided by the MINTDREAMER and are available on the Company website.